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2.97sNot people, Marty -- Mortys.
2.09sOh, god!
1.83sW-Why would somebody do this? It's horrible!
2.2sWell, one Morty's enough to hide from the bureaucrats,
3.66sbut you get -- you get a whole matrix of Mortys and put them in agonizing pain,
3.09sthat creates a pattern that can hide even from other Ricks, motherfucker.
3.03sl fiddled with a concept like this once.
2.53sOn paper, Morty. On paper.
1.73sI wouldn't do this. It's barbaric overkill.
1.99sI mean, you could accomplish the same result with, like,
2.43sfive Mortys and a jumper cable.
1.4sWhich I also wouldn't do!
2.8sI'm just saying, it's bad craftsmanship.
2.33sBETH: Coffee time! RICKS: Yo, yo, yo, yo!
2.83sThat's what I like to hear!
1.64sHi, Jerry.
1.83sLeave me alone. I'm working.
1.9sOh, you are? W-W-W-What do you do?
3.06sl-l'm -- I'm in between advertising jobs.
1.9sAdvertising? Wow!