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2.13s...Morty waves,
3.63sUm... because o-our personalities are so different?
1.9sOh, shit, dawg.
1.93sMy portal gun was hacked remotely, Marty --
1.9sobviously by the real killer, to frame me.
1.99sBut I was able to trace the signal. Come on. Let's go.
3.73sExcuse me. We've tracked a pair of dangerous criminals to this exact location.
1.99sThey look exactly like us, so in order to avoid confusion,
1.99sI'm gonna mark us each with a red "X" right now.
6.26sThat way, if someone has a gun and we both tell you to shoot the other one because they'rethe evil one, you'll know who's lying.
1.83sHey, check it out.
2.47sDamn it!
1.7sHey, you didn't pay your bill!
2.4sT-The red "X"! Red "X"!
3.87sRICK: Hey, it's a good thing that space outlet had lab coats and your favorite kind of shirt in stock, huh, Marty?
1.8sYeah, Rick, l-l heard you the first time.
1.73sYou don't have to keep saying it over and over.
1.66sMan, this place is way off the grid.
1.7sThis guy does not want to be found.
3.06sWell, if he's a Rick, doesn't he just have to stand by a Marty to hide?
2.76sI mean, isn't that what Mortys are -- human cloaking devices?
2.83sMarty, you're making a bigger deal out ofthis than it is.