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1.8sToo easy!
2.63sThe Ricks are probably gonna waste some time messing with Jerry.
1.49sThey won't be able to help themselves.
2.03sBut as soon as they get bored, they'll be onto us,
1.99sPhones a la clams and phonesghetti with phone balls.
1.02sAnything else?
1.4sYeah, more phone sticks, please.
0.83sRight away, sir.
2.83sYou know, Rick, when I first saw all those Ricks and Mortys,
2.09sI thought, "gee, that kind of devalues our bond."
5.4sbut then I realized it just means that our relationship must be pretty special to span over all those different timelines.
2.3sYeah, it's gotto be that way. You're a camouflage.
3.16sCamouflage? W-W-W-What are you talking about, Rick?
3.46sRicks have a very distinctive and traceable brain wave due to our genius.
5.3sThe best way to hide from an enemy's radar is to stand near someone with complementary brain waves that make ours invisible.
1.87sSee, w-w-w-when a Rick i-is with a Morty,
3.16sthe genius waves get canceled out by the, uh...
2.13s...Morty waves,
3.63sUm... because o-our personalities are so different?
1.9sOh, shit, dawg.
1.93sMy portal gun was hacked remotely, Marty --
1.9sobviously by the real killer, to frame me.
1.99sBut I was able to trace the signal. Come on. Let's go.