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1.56sNot really my style, Marty,
3.17sBesides, your home is most likely swarming with Ricks by now.
1.93sAll right, listen, Jerry.
2.66slf Rick calls, this device is gonna trace his location.
2.87sYou just gotta keep him on the phone for 30 seconds or longer.
0.03sWho wants lemonade?
2.26sOh, yeah.
2.66sMmm! Oh! Delicious!
1.99sBeth you're a treasure.
2.06sl have a Beth just like you in my reality,
1.73sexcept you know what?
2.7sShe's not as brilliant or attractive.
2.37sAw, Thank you.
1.87sOh! She did! She did it!
2.28sHey, Jerry, it's Rick.
1.99sRick! Hey.
1.43sWhat's -- what's up?
2.99sSo, listen, the heat's on, and there's nowhere left to turn,
1.99sso Marty and l arejust gonna fly my spaceship into a black hole.
1.97s- What?! - Is that cool with you, dawg?
1.97sRick, no! Marty!! We got it.
1.76sThe call's coming from...