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3.44sBring up the holograms.
3.99s27 Ricks brutally murdered in their own timelines --
3.3san unprecedented Rick-icidal epidemic.
2.66sWhat say you, Earth Rick C-137?
1.66sYou think /did this?
2.94sWhy am I the first Rick you pull in every time a Rick stubs his toe?
3.73sYou have a history of non-cooperation with the council.
2.16sYeah, so does the scientist formerly known as Rick.
2.03sW-W-W-W-W-Why isn't he here in handcuffs?
1.99sBecause he's dead, too!
2.59sWho else would we question? You fit the profile.
2.2sOf all the Ricks in the central finite curve,
2.43syou're the malcontent, the rogue.
4.34sI'm the Rick, and so were the rest of you before you formed this stupid alliance.
1.66sYou wanted to be safe from the government,
1.66sso you became a stupid government.
1.66sThat makes every Rick here less Rick than me.
1.73sYeah, murmur it up, d-bags.
3.16sNow, if you'll excuse me, I've got pancakes back home with syrup on top ofthem.
3.83sThey're about to hit that critical point of syrup absorption that turns the cakes into a gross paste,