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8.87sso a few thousand versions of me had the ingenious idea of banding together like a herd of cattle or a school of fish or those people who answer questions on Yahoo! Answers.
2.7sHey! What do you know? It's a cowboy version of me.
1.4sGeez, you're easy to impress.
1.23sYeah, most timelines have a Rick,
1.52sand most Ricks have a Marty,
1.99sThis place is a real who's who of who's you and me.
5.73sTurn your boring, old Marty into a f-- hot fashion statement with some Marty dazzlers.
1.9sHey, check this out.
2.06s- DOLL: Show me the Marty, - Dumb.
1.52sExcuse me, sir, is your Marty insured?
1.99sYou know, every year, hundreds of Mortys are injured --
1.16sBack off!
1.3sNot my cup of tea, this place.
2.47sI say the point of being a Rick is being a Rick.
3.3sSave your anti-Rick speech for the Council of Ricks, terror-Rick.
3.73sHey, save your Rick rules for the sheep-Ricks, Rick-pig.
1.87s- Fuck me, pal. - Fuck you?
2.83sNo, no, no, no, no. Fuck me.