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1.93sThe Mortyest Marty,
2.26sJust don't get too big for your loafers, Buster Brown.
2.16sA cocky Marty can lead to some big problems.
1.9sIt can be a real bad thing for everybody.
1.59sOh, yeah? How's that?
2.94sU-Uh, I'll explain when you're older.
1.19sWhat a mess.
1.87sPride cometh before the fall.
1.83sI guess he got what he deserved.
0.83sWhat is that?
1.59sHand me the laser difibulator.
1.59sHey, guys, uh, c-can I help?
1.33sNo! Go clean the toilets.
1.83sMaybe you'll make friends with some turds.
2.43sYou make us ashamed to be ourselves!
2.66sMy god. I've seen this technology before.
1.97sThis Rick was being controlled remotely --
1.49spuppeteered by somebody else.