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1.58sOh, yeah.
2.07sCome on, Holly. Let's go. This guy's a freak.
3.02sAnd that should do it. Now let's go home.
1.03sHey! What the hell are you doing?
1.63sI just don't think we should be too hasty.
3.97sI mean, we have a unique opportunity to study alternate universes in depth.
1.77sBrian, give me the damn device!
1.08sGive it! No!
1.32sGive it! Knock it off! No! Stop! Stop it!
1.65sCome on, give it! Come on!
1.73sCome on!
2.74sWhat the hell, man? What the hell? Look what you did!
1.13sYou better put that thing on a leash, sir,
3.17sor I'm gonna have to fine you.
4.37sTake your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty dog!
2.12sWhat the hell were you thinking, Brian?
1.47sWe're never gonna get home now!
1.8sWhy the hell would you break the damn device?
1.6sLook, it was an accident, all right?
2.3sAnd besides, look at this place.
1.77sIt's a world run by dogs.
2.44sI mean, I kind of want to explore this universe.
2.59sOh, you like role reversal? Okay.
1.47sWait. What are you doing?