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1.17sYou don't get it.
2.14sNo, no. I totally get it.
1.53sOh, God! Let's go, quick.
4.57sHere comes an overweight cat with dollar signs for eyes, and a hat that says "Social Security"
2.4spouring a bucket that says "Alternative Minimum Tax"
3sover a sad Statue of Liberty holding a "Democracy" umbrella.
4.6s(LAUGHING) Yes! That ought to wake people up!
2.04sShut the fuck up.
1.6sOh, my God! Now we're nowhere!
2sNot quite, Brian. This is a universe.
4.34sBut its only inhabitant is one really far-away guy who yells compliments.
1.17sI like your shirt!
1.83sThank you! This was nice.
1.33sWe did it! We're back!
3.35sNo. This is the universe of misleading portraiture.