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1.75sGosh, it's pretty intoxicating, isn't it?
3.15sI want to hear more music about pie.
3.5sIt's a wonderful day for pie
3.54sAnd it smells a lot better than I
1.9sEveryone in the house
1.83sAnd this Adam West mouse
1.69sThe bees making honey
2.19sThis Tom Tucker bunny
3sWe all sing with glee 'Cause we all agree
5.67sIt's a wonderful, wonderful day for pie
3.34sYou want a nice, shiny red apple to put in that pie?
1.47sALL: No!
1.9sBrian, we could spend the rest of our lives here!
1.03sIt's perfect!
1.13sSounds good to me.
1.77sDoesn't seem to be a thing wrong with this place.
1.73sHello, everybody!
1.93sALL: Jew!