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2.49sDid somebody say pie?
3.17sIt's a wonderful day for pie
3.54sYou can ask all the birds in the sky
3.55sAnd they'll tell you real sweet With a musical tweet
3.82sIt's a wonderful day for pie
1.7s- For pie - For pie
8.98sFor pie For pie For pie This is wonderful, Brian. Oh, let's live in this universe.
1.75sGosh, it's pretty intoxicating, isn't it?
3.15sI want to hear more music about pie.
3.5sIt's a wonderful day for pie
3.54sAnd it smells a lot better than I
1.9sEveryone in the house
1.83sAnd this Adam West mouse
1.69sThe bees making honey
2.19sThis Tom Tucker bunny