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2.44sAnd that must have made me happy, so my tail started wagging.
1.7sLooks like it carved through the ice a bit.
1.27sYeah, it did! Keep going.
2.64sOkay, let's see. You want to go for a walk?
1.27sIt's working. Do more!
1.47sYou want a treat? You want a treat, boy?
1.77sThat's good! That's good! But you really have one, right?
1.8sOh, yeah, yeah. And we're going for that walk?
2.2sOh, yeah, definitely. And I'll give you a bath!
2.07s- No, no, no! - Sorry, sorry.
1.6sI'll let you go for a ride in the car!
1.1sOh, you better not be lying!
1.37sYou want to sleep in the bed with us?
1.8sYes! I never get to! It must be a special occasion.
1.83sYou got it! You're through! Yes. All right, what do I do?
1.23sJust press the red button.
1.63sOkay, which one's red?
1.9sPress the big button!
1.37sThis can't be it. This doesn't look familiar.
1.07sYou're right, Brian.
4.14sApparently, this is a universe where everyone has to take a poop right just now.
2.12s(ALL GROANING) Okay, Bill, you got those numbers?
1.48sYeah, yeah.
1.03sOkay, just leave them on my desk.
1.3sOkay, that works out fine for me.
1.3sWhere's your desk? Doug knows where my desk is.
1.23sCraig, are you good with this?
1.9sYeah, that should work out pretty good for me, too.