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1.67sWell, we can't stay here, that's for sure.
2.94sHAPPY REPORTER: And now back to Channel Five News at Six!
3.75sSAD REPORTER: Quahog's lowest-rated newscast.
1.85sThe president's dog just had puppies!
2.67sThere was a plane crash.
1.97sStewie, please tell me you know how to get us home.
2.08sOf course I know how to get us home!
1.97sWhat the hell? Stewie, what's going on?
3.87sFrom the look of it, I'm guessing this is Quahog but during some sort of ice age.
2.54sWell, press the button! Get us out of here!
1.6sUh-oh. I can't reach the device.
1.57sWhat? You're kidding!
2.8sYep, get comfortable. I think we're gonna be here for a while.
2.37sOh, look. There's your poop from the other universe.
1.4sStewie, you got to get us out of here.
1.03sIf we stay in here much longer,
1.43swe're either gonna freeze or starve.
1.7sI know. But I can't reach the device.
1.23sYou try. You're closer to it.
1.8sBesides, you're stronger than I am.
1.03sHey, what was that?
1.53sWell, you said I was stronger than you.
2.44sAnd that must have made me happy, so my tail started wagging.
1.7sLooks like it carved through the ice a bit.