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4.69s(FARTING) (PETER LAUGHING) BOTH: Yeah, we're home!
3.75s(LAUGHING) Well, now what do we do about this guy?
2.14sWe got two Brians in our universe now.
2.3sDon't worry. I don't plan to stay in Quahog.
3.39sI'm gonna go out into the world and see what I can make of myself.
1.8sI can be somebody here.
3.34sAnd it should be easy for you because, I mean, what luck, you're white!
2sYou have no idea how big that is here.
2.14sGoodbye, Stewie. Goodbye, Brian.
2.44sMaybe our paths will cross again someday.
1.87s(SIGHING) Look at him go.
2.47sFree in a world of his own kind where he can finally reach the full potential...
3.24s(TIRES SQUEALING) Oh, my God! He got hit by a car!