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1.87sHe's our local human catcher.
4.74sSo, don't misbehave or the human catcher will come after you, Gabe.
1.55sMy name's not Gabe!
4.1s(SCREAMING) You're in big trouble, you little crap!
2.22sYou shouldn't have done that, little fellow.
2.09sYou just earned yourself a trip to the pound!
1.07sWho the hell do you think you are?
2.27sBrian! Brian, do something.
1.1sLook, I'm sorry about this.
3.17sLet me just pay the fine or whatever and I'll make sure this doesn't happen again.
1.27sYou can pick him up tomorrow.
1.13sOh, okay.
1.77sJust bring a trash bag.
1.28sWhat did he mean by that?
2.64sAny human that bites a dog gets euthanized. You know that.
3.9sNo. He doesn't. He's from another universe where dogs are subservient to humans.
1.7sOh, you mean like that time we... Yeah.
1.57sWhen we bounced around between... Yeah.
1.67sAnd you couldn't figure out how to... Yes!
1.87sThey're gonna kill him! We got to get him out of there!
1.3sIt's a tough world here.
1.92sYou hear about it every night on the dog news.
2.52sComing up. That bush in the park is my bush!