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1.6sI'm full.
3.37sLet's see, I guess 185 pounds.
2.4sWrong. I'm 95% helium.
1.33sBrian, look what I won.
1.17sWow, what'd you win that for?
1.92sFor having the best pig in the competition.
1.83s- Wait, you bred a pig? - Sure did.
2.2sMost genetically perfect one in the contest.
1.03sOh, my God!
1.43sYes. He's something, isn't he?
1.07sAre those fists?
1.73sDamn right. Show him, pig.
1.4sHow the hell did you do this?
1.63sI'll let you in on a little secret, Brian.
2.23sI didn't do it. I got it from a farm.
2.24sWhat the hell kind of farm breeds pigs like this?
1.7sWould you like to see it for yourself, Brian?
1.13s- Yeah, I would. - Good.
4.87sBecause it's gonna blow your mind like the stereopticon did to Americans in 1910.
2.13sHey, I'm in New York City! No, I'm not.
2.07sYes, I am. No, I'm not. Yes, I am!
1.53sWhat's going on here?