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1.67sHello. My name is Blake Carrington.
1.17sAnd this is my human, Gabe.
1.43sOh, no. What?
3.44sWe just moved in down the street and thought we'd stop in and say hi to our new neighbors.
3sWell, great to meet you. Come on in. I'm Peter.
2.92sThis is my family. My wife, Lois.
1.15sMy son, Chris.
2.95sChris, stop licking yourself and come up and say hi!
4.22sMy daughter, Meg. Our puppy, Stewie.
1.43sAnd this is our human, Brian.
1.87sNice to meet you.
3.14sSay hi to human Brian, Blake, says Gabe.
2.07sMommy, I want to play with the new human!
1.7sOnly if it's okay with Blake.
1.45sYeah, sure. It's fine.
1.6sGabe is great with puppies.
3.72sI swear to God, I hope the next universe we go to is all Koreans.