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3.04sI'm not so crazy about Hotchkiss anymore.
1.57sWhat do you mean? You came up with Hotchkiss.
5.24sI know, but how about Axel, or Maximillian, or Dex, you know?
6.14sIt's got to have an "X" in it because that means I have cool parents who take me on expensive ski trips on spring break,
3.57sand I get to drink wine with dinner even though I'm only 14 and...
2.92s(DOORBELL RINGING) Oh, my God! I know that sound!
1.83sIt means there's a potential intruder at the front door or one of my pals!
1.9sEither way, I'm really excited and ready for anything!
1.67sHello. My name is Blake Carrington.
1.17sAnd this is my human, Gabe.
1.43sOh, no. What?
3.44sWe just moved in down the street and thought we'd stop in and say hi to our new neighbors.
3sWell, great to meet you. Come on in. I'm Peter.
2.92sThis is my family. My wife, Lois.
1.15sMy son, Chris.
2.95sChris, stop licking yourself and come up and say hi!
4.22sMy daughter, Meg. Our puppy, Stewie.