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2.2sI'll just poop and fall asleep.
3.64sMy God, you did it. You actually did it.
0.93sOh, God. I've really screwed myself up here.
2.14sListen, could you reach into my pocket and get the number for that acupuncturist?
1.54sYou son of a bitch. You killed Lois!
2.2sGood luck proving that, Brian. No, seriously, that number...
2.34sWell, I'm gonna expose you for what you are.
3.24sNo matter what it takes, you are gonna pay for this.
1.37sYou know, it's funny.
1.7sFrom this position, I can hear Meg up in her room.
3.3s(AFTERNOON DELIGHT PLAYING ON RADIO) I'm gonna pretend you're the New York Knicks.
2.64sHey, put your wallets away, guys. The drinks are on me.
2.74sWell, that's awful nice, Peter. What's the occasion?
2.17sLois' life insurance policy paid off.
2.6sI've got more money than Barbra Streisand.
1.87sHoney, I'm going shopping.
2.77sAnd I was gonna valet park.
3.14sI didn't know that you had life insurance on Lois.