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3.14sBONNIE: Peter, you don't know how badly I need this.
2.37sPETER: I don't know, Bonnie. It's just a little weird.
1.2sJoe's a friend of mine.
2.7sBONNIE: No, it's okay. I promise you, it's okay.
2.3sPETER: I'm not sure.
1.83sJOE: It's okay, Peter.
2.9sJust remember, whatever you do, don't tell Chris I'm dating.
2.2sPeter, Lois has been dead for a whole year.
1.17sYou're gonna have to tell him sometime.
5.5s(SHUSHING) Hi, Dad. Did we get any mail from Mom at the health spa today?
1.6sNope. Sorry, Chris.
2.07sShe said she's going straight from the spa right back to Europe.
3.74sBut I haven't seen Mom since she took me back-to-school shopping.
2.57sAll right, sweetie, you ready to get some new notebooks,
1.83sand protractors and slacks?
1.2sI want blue jeans.
1.63sYou're getting slacks!
1.64sHere you go, Stewie. Finish your oatmeal,
2.87sand then I'll get you ready for our Mommy and Me class.