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3.04s(STUTTERING) So, how would this work in bed?
3.7sWell, I can't do sex, but I can give you a stick job.
1.77sThat... That sounds...
1.9sYes, it is very unpleasant.
2.87sBut the freakiest was that date I had with Bonnie.
3.14sBONNIE: Peter, you don't know how badly I need this.
2.37sPETER: I don't know, Bonnie. It's just a little weird.
1.2sJoe's a friend of mine.
2.7sBONNIE: No, it's okay. I promise you, it's okay.
2.3sPETER: I'm not sure.
1.83sJOE: It's okay, Peter.
2.9sJust remember, whatever you do, don't tell Chris I'm dating.
2.2sPeter, Lois has been dead for a whole year.
1.17sYou're gonna have to tell him sometime.
5.5s(SHUSHING) Hi, Dad. Did we get any mail from Mom at the health spa today?
1.6sNope. Sorry, Chris.