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1.73sOh, thank you, everybody.
1.5sI know it's a little self-centered,
2.34sbut this is my favorite day of the year.
2.87sHere, Mom, this is from me and Meg.
2.84sTopol? The smoker's tooth polish?
2.04sTake the hint.
3.34sHappy birthday, sweetheart.
2.24sLionel Richie's Can't Slow Down?
2.43sGreat album, Lois. Great album.
2.77sI didn't know who I was until I heard this album.
6.64s(HELLO PLAYING) Oh, God, Lionel. You have been hurt.
5.14sYou have been hurt by somebody, that much is clear.
4sWho hurt you? Who hurt you? Who hurt you?
2.23sWho hurt you? Who hurt you?
3.77sOh, thank you all so much. What thoughtful gifts.
1.23sLois, there's one more.
2.44sOh, Brian, you don't have to give me anything.
1.47sOh. Well, give it back, then.
3.77s(LAUGHING) No. No, we have fun.