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1.7sYes, yes, she'll be humiliated.
1.5sMaybe you'll handcuff her? She'll hate that.
1.1sThen I shall do that as well.
1sAnd call her a bitch.
1.27sUntil I'm hoarse with rage.
3.17sMaybe smack her ass with a riding crop and watch her go to town on herself?
1.37sYes, and then... What?
2.4sNo, I mean, that would like... That would show her.
1.93sWhat the hell does the second part have to do with that?
1.3sNo, man, it's your thing.
5.47sI mean, I don't care if one hand is on her boob and the other hand is down there. It's your... It's your project.
1.67sAre you...
2.43sYou're getting some kind of sick, sexual thrill off this, aren't you?
1.9sWho cares? You're not gonna kill her anyway.
2.7sYou're gonna bitch and moan, and then you're gonna do what you always do.
1.47sThe minute Lois walks through that door,
1.23syou're gonna forget all about it,
2.03sbeg for your apple juice, go poop and fall asleep.
1sGod, he's right.
2.1sI've got the same daily routine as Dick Clark.
3.77sRupert, I've been all talk. So much time wasted.
2.7sWell, no longer. Lois is a dead woman.
4.14sI'll do to her what douche bags did to the guitar.