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4.04sBye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
3.6sNo. No, you can't leave, not without me. I'm the baby.
3.07sI haven't been this disappointed since I saw The Lake House.
2.5sSee, the mailbox is like a time portal.
2.74sEverything Keanu Reeves puts in there, Sandra Bullock gets two years later.
1.47sWhat the fuck?
1.8sPeter, what do you say we go get some lunch?
3.74sNot yet, Lois. I've been watching this woman for three hours waiting for her to turn over.
2.17sPeter, she knows she untied her bikini.
1.67sWomen don't forget those things.
2.9sWell, will you go over there - and pour a cold drink on her back? No.
2.74sWill you go over there behind her - and yell, "Fire drill"? No.