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2.23sso just one more time.
3.34sOkay, when you see the Taliban come over the horizon, you shoot them.
1.3sAll right, so I shoot Pat Tillman,
1.27sand then run when the Taliban show up.
3sNo, you shoot the Taliban! Not Pat Tillman. Got it?
1.03sGot it. You sure?
1.67sYep. All right.
1.8sHey, you know where I can find Pat Tillman?
2.37sMr. Griffin, do you deny killing your wife?
2.54sOf course I deny it. I loved my wife.
1.5sAnd I certainly think I'd remember killing her.
1.07sMr. Griffin, do you drink?
1.2sI plead the fifth of Jack.
1.67s(LAUGHING) No, no, I'm joking. Yes, I drink.
1.9sAnd have you ever struck your wife?
3.64sOnly in front of the kids to assert my status as dominant male of the pride.
1.53sAre you a violent man?
1.53sWhat are you, a wise guy?
2.33s'Cause I know how to deal with wise guys.
1.13sNo further questions.
1.53sYou son of a bitch.
2.37sIf I had a gun on a boat, I'd shoot you.