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1.84sHey, hey, hey, hey. What is this? We agreed on a $20 limit.
1.03sWe set a cap, you jerk.
1.6sAre you trying to make us look bad, you son of a bitch?
1.6sPeter, what are you angry about?
1.8sYou get to go on a cruise with me.
1.7sWhat? What?
2.8sWell, yeah, you didn't think Brian meant for me to go with him, did you?
3.6sGreat. This was a bigger waste of time than Ringo's songwriting.
1.53sHey, guys. I wrote a song.
1.03sOh, that's great.
1.6sGood, Ringo. Fantastic.
3.2sYou know what? I'm gonna put it right here.
4.04sRight on the refrigerator. That way, we'll get to see it every day.
1.53sAll right.
2.27sNow, you kids behave yourselves while we're away.
1.43sYeah, be good till we get back,
1.97sand, Brian, stay out of the cat box.
2.47sStay out of the cat box.
0.9sBye, you guys.
2.13sBye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
1.6sFarewell, Brian. I'm off to sea.
2.64sAn hour from now, I'll be surrounded by seamen.
2sSperm whales and seamen.