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2sHas your father ever killed anyone that you know of?
3.17sWell, once by accident when he was in the military.
1.83sAll right. You all know your orders.
1.7sWhen you see the Taliban come over the horizon,
1.83syou open fire immediately.
2.33sOkay, so when I see Pat Tillman come over the horizon, I shoot him.
2.8sNo, no, no. When you see the enemy come over the horizon,
1.37s- you shoot the enemy. - Okay.
1.23sGood, now repeat it back to me.
2.1sOkay, I shoot Pat Tillman, then run over the horizon.
2.5sNo. He's on our side! You charge the enemy...
1.2sRight, and shoot Pat Tillman.
1.6sNo, no, no, no!
2.5sWell, you know what? You're gonna have to explain it to me again,
3.37s'cause it sounds to me like I'm repeating back to you exactly what you're telling me,
1.5sand obviously, you're hearing something different,
2.23sso just one more time.
3.34sOkay, when you see the Taliban come over the horizon, you shoot them.
1.3sAll right, so I shoot Pat Tillman,
1.27sand then run when the Taliban show up.
3sNo, you shoot the Taliban! Not Pat Tillman. Got it?
1.03sGot it. You sure?
1.67sYep. All right.
1.8sHey, you know where I can find Pat Tillman?
2.37sMr. Griffin, do you deny killing your wife?
2.54sOf course I deny it. I loved my wife.