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1.54sYour father is innocent.
1.47sOh, he killed her.
3.34sJust like the telephone killed the telegraph sex business.
2.3sHey, baby. I bet you're hot. Stop.
4.17sDescribe to me what you're doing to yourself right now. Stop.
5.14sOh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, nasty!
1.67sThis trial is called to order.
3.14sDefense counsel, we will hear your opening statement.
4.9sHey, everybody. Today's the big day. That's all, Your Honor.
1.3sGood. Good.
2sProsecutor, call your first witness.
3.47sPeter called me right after he killed my daughter to tell me he killed my daughter.
2.57sReally? Well, that is interesting.
1.53sYes, and as a favor to the court,
3.24sI've produced this simulation of how the killing transpired.
5.04sI play Peter, and I hired an Asian hooker to play my daughter.
4.7sLois, I'm fat and I'm stupid, and I fart at times that ruin my father-in-law's social occasions,