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2.74sWay smoother than the crumbling public road system.
2.14sYeah, Lois. Government sucks at doing stuff.
1.73sOh, no, toll roads sound great.
2.47sToo bad only the very rich can afford to use them.
1.07sI agree with Lois.
4.1sWell, maybe more people could if the government wasn't taxing the bejesus out of them.
1.27sNow I agree with Rush.
2.6sI'm too stupid to make up my own mind.
2.14sYeah, okay. Whatever you say, Rush.
2.82sHey, Rush, who'd win in a fight between you and Oprah?
1.47sYou know, actually, it was a draw.
1.77sWe destroyed most of downtown Tokyo,
2.94sand then she just walked sadly back into the sea.
1.97sSo, nice weather today.
1.3sYeah, unseasonably cool.
2.94sI guess we can forget that whole global warming myth.
2.65sGlobal warming is not a myth, you son of a bitch!
1.62sLook, what the hell are you so hostile for?
1.82sBecause you brainwashed our dog.
1.63sHey, listen, sister, I just...
1.03sI'm sorry.
3.25sLook, all I did was expose Brian to a different way of thinking.
2.07sHe embraced... Oh, God, I'm gonna move over here.
1.5sHe embraced it on his own, Lois.
1.93sWell, after Rush opened my eyes,