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1.7sBRIAN: I have very good hearing!
1.75sHe's awful.
3.07sBut I thought Rush Limbaugh is a fictional character played by Fred Savage.
1.87s- Where'd you hear that? - Fox News.
2.7sThen it's a lie. Everything Fox News says is a lie.
2.8sBut this one's true, Mom. You saw it with your own eyes,
1.97sand then you reported it on Fox News.
3.44sEven true things, once said on Fox News, become lies.
1.43sWhy's Limbaugh coming here?
3.39sDon't they have bookstores at the Nazi fascist...
1.93sFascist fat camp where he... Where he go...
2sWhere he... Where he is a counselor?
1.52sI tell you what, Brian, if you want,
1.7swe'll give you another crack at that.
3.82sThis guy single-handedly set political discourse back a hundred years.
4.2sHasn't the right wing done enough damage to our nation with the war, and torture,
2.17sand the wholesale violation of our civil liberties?
1.37sI mean, you know, back me up...
1.77sOh, and the economy, right?
1.13sBack me up on this, you know?
2.24s(YAWNS) I've got to scratch my joint.
3.89sI say, Chris, there may be something to this pastime of manual self-stimulus.
2.75sThey all laughed at me.