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2.07sI mean, what is going on with this country?
1.57sI mean, wake up, America.
2.63sI mean, these taxes, right? I mean, am I right?
1.63sAbout the taxes? You know?
1.17sYeah, taxes are pretty high.
1.64sIs that a new coffee machine?
4.2sOh, yeah, I took the liberty of replacing your old one with a new, American-made coffee machine.
3.24sIn fact, I got you a bunch of new, top-notch, American-made stuff.
1.27sWhat else did you buy?
2.82sOh, a couple things, that light fixture,
3.9snew heat regulator on your stove, your man-bra,
3.37syour garbage disposal, your dishwasher,
0.98sand your new cat.
1.83sAnd you're listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show.
3.37sI want to take a moment to give a shout-out to my good friend Ken Lay,
1.57sfaked his own death,
2.74slistening in on a ham radio somewhere in international waters.
1.97sSmooth sailing, Kenny boy.
1.99sHey, Rush? Is it okay to hang out in here?
3.2sAll right, fine. Just don't say anything, okay?