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3.57sI'd love to come to your barbecue.
5.24sI'll even bring the thickest, juiciest T-bones you've ever seen.
2.59sMmm, mmm, sounds terrif !
3.05sThe joke's on him. I'll be dead by then.
2.77sI'm trying to get-- Is that it ?
4.84sThis is a videotape for my daughter Maggie.
1.93sHi, Maggie.
3sI'm speaking to you from beyond the grave.
3sWoooooh !
1.93sHope that didn't scare you.
3.4sWell, Maggie, you're grown up now, and unless you taped over this,
2.95syou're probably wondering what kind of a man your father was.
4.05sHe was a simple man, a kind man, a gentle man who loved his children and--
3.2sDoh ! Hello !
3.19sYeah, he's here ! Who is this ? Bart's friend Milhouse ?
3.25sBart, get your butt down here !