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3.65sPoison ! What should I do ? What should I do ? Tell me quick !
4.3sOh, no need to panic. There's a map to the hospital on the back of the menu.
4.2s"Try something new, Homer. What'll it hurt you, Homer ?"
2.18sI never heard of a poison pork chop !
2.72sUm, your wife agreed that I should break this to you.
2.84sNo need, Doc. I can read Marge like a book.
3.24sOoh, it's good news, isn't it ? No, Mr. Simpson.
2.62sIf, in fact, you've consumed the venom of the blowfish--
2.6sand from what the chef has told me, it's quite probable--
3.2syou have 24 hours to live.
0.37sTwenty-four hours ?
3.79sWell, twenty-two. I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long.
4.47sOh, Marge, I'm gonna die ! I'm gonna die !
3.87sWell, if there's one consolation, it's that you'll feel no pain at all...