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4.6sOh, she's here. Cover for me.
2.05sOne fugu. Not fugu !
3.02sIf it is cut improperly, it's, it's--
2.24sYes, yes, it is poisonous, potentially fatal.
2.8sBut if sliced properly, it can be quite tasty.
1.9sI must get master.
3.1sOh, Miss Krabappel.
3.94sOh, your hair smells so... clean.
2.57sMaster, you are needed in the kitchen.
2.07sI said cover for me, damn it !
2.37sBut, master, we need your skilled hands !
3.3sMy skilled hands are busy. You do it !
4.05sHmm, hmm.
2.85sPoison, poison, tasty fish.