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2.4sWhat is a handsome man like you doing waiting in line?
2.17si need an adult! I need an adult!
2.8sWarren Fredericks. Quahog Beautiful People's Club.
1.47sCome on in front.
2.13sBut--But all--all those people were in front of me.
2.4sYou haven't been beautiful very long, have you?
2.3sGorgeous guys like us don't have to wait in line.
1.23sHaven't you noticed?
2.03sPeople will do anything for a beautiful person.
2.3sYeah. You know, come to think of it...
1.93sHi, I'm on a scavenger hunt.
1.97sAnd I need a human foot.
4.59sWell, as a rule, I would say no, but ok, come in.
2.87sSo, uh, So, this is what? This for like a school project or some--
3.94sRaul, please take this handsome gentleman's bags to his car.
1.13sThank you.
1.5sHey, when you're beautiful,
1.6sdoors magically open for you.
3.24sActually, it opened because you stepped on that black rubber square.
1.47sOf course, if that wasn't there,
2.33sit would have opened anyway because you're beautiful.