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0.82sShe's right, Lois.
1.63sPlastic surgery is great!
2.59sI--I was thinking about having Broderick take a look at my nose.
2.65sIt doesn't matter if your nose is a little bulbousy,
2.37sor--or your eyes are too close together,
1.47sor your chest is flabby.
1.57sYou are who you are.
1.8sI think I know what you're getting at.
2.24sHey pal, you can't just walk in here without--
1.37sHoly crap, it's Peter!
2.54sDad, you're pretty, like a girl.
2.34sYou look like a totally different person.
1.22sOh, This is crazy!
2.84sYou walk in here with your chiseled jaw and your...
1.27sOh, my!
2.27sI--I liked you the way you were.
1.95sYou're not even real anymore. You're--
1.63sPeter, Did you get a new buttocks?
2.05sI had to. My old one had a crack in it.