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2.65sOh, Stewie, stop eating like a little piggy.
1.7sMaybe We should cut down on your sweets.
1.97sYou're starting to get a little Buddha belly.
1.37sChris, where have you been?
3.57sOh, Dad took me to a doctor to get the fat vacuumed out of my belly.
3.27sI didn't do it. I'm just gonna stay on my diet and exercise.
3.04sGood for you. That was a very grown-up decision.
2.27sI mean, what kind of lazy, narcissistic,
5.51sirresponsible moron would even consider doing something as unbelievably foolish as getting liposuction.
1.68sWho, I ask you. Who?
1.45si, uh...
1.93sHow? Wha?
2.12sMy God! It's finally happened.
1.53sHe's become so massive,
2.62she's collapsed into himself like a neutron star!
1.7sMom, can I get lipo, too?
1.39sForget it, Meg.
4.57sPeter, you can't just suck 200 pounds of fat out of yourself. I-It's not natural.