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1.37sAlthough I think you got--
1.94sYes, yes! I got more of it on me than in me.
1.44sYes, That one never gets old, Lois.
2.37sHere's your dessert, sweetie. Dig in.
1.6sI'll eat it when I'm ready!
1.22sI'm ready!
1.73sWell, Time for dessert, isn't it?
0.88sLet's see,
1.57sbig chocolate cake for Stewie.
3sAnd we have something very tasty for big fat you.
1.4sBon appetit.
2.32sOh, and feel free to use my fork. I shan't be needing it.
1.7sWatch me. That's it.
1.6sWatch this.
2.65sOh, Stewie, stop eating like a little piggy.
1.7sMaybe We should cut down on your sweets.
1.97sYou're starting to get a little Buddha belly.
1.37sChris, where have you been?
3.57sOh, Dad took me to a doctor to get the fat vacuumed out of my belly.
3.27sI didn't do it. I'm just gonna stay on my diet and exercise.
3.04sGood for you. That was a very grown-up decision.
2.27sI mean, what kind of lazy, narcissistic,