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1.1sIs--Is he good?
4.97sWell, Nell Carter used to be twice as big before Broderick got through with her.
5.42sF.Y.I. he used the fat he took out of her to make the 2 kids from Good Burger.
2.75sThis is a very safe procedure, son.
1.87sYou won't feel a thing.
1.63sI'm like a Green Beret, you know?
4.22sI--I sneak inside you and I skulk around like it's Vietnam or something, and,
1.88sand I'm sneaking through the bush, you know?
4.29sAnd I get all that fat like the fat's my buddies stuck behind enemy lines, or something, y'know,
3.07sand when I got all my buddies, I sneak out again.
3.37sI'm very mysterious when I'm inside you, y'know. Like, um,
2.2sum, Like the wind, you know.
3.1sOh, Good boy, Stewie. Clean plate.
1.37sAlthough I think you got--
1.94sYes, yes! I got more of it on me than in me.
1.44sYes, That one never gets old, Lois.
2.37sHere's your dessert, sweetie. Dig in.
1.6sI'll eat it when I'm ready!
1.22sI'm ready!
1.73sWell, Time for dessert, isn't it?
0.88sLet's see,