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1.73sBovine lummox!
1.6sOh, God!
3.94sI tell you, Cleveland, he's been working out all week and he hasn't lost a pound.
2.5sPeter, If you're this desperate about chris's weight,
2.57swhy don't you just suck the fat out?
3.85sLook, If you can find a hole on the boy that you want to put your lips on, be my guest.
2.85sI'm talking about liposuction.
3.1sMy brother Broderick's a cosmetic surgeon.
1.1sIs--Is he good?
4.97sWell, Nell Carter used to be twice as big before Broderick got through with her.
5.42sF.Y.I. he used the fat he took out of her to make the 2 kids from Good Burger.
2.75sThis is a very safe procedure, son.
1.87sYou won't feel a thing.
1.63sI'm like a Green Beret, you know?
4.22sI--I sneak inside you and I skulk around like it's Vietnam or something, and,
1.88sand I'm sneaking through the bush, you know?