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1.2sCleanup on Aisle 3!
1.3sI got it!
1.4sPeter, Where's Chris?
2.53sHeh, heh. I love you, She-Hulk.
2.32sAll right, son. I'm gonna need those 2 hams back.
2.07sWh-- I--I don't have any hams.
1.35sLift up your shirt, son.
1.9sI need an adult! I need an adult!
1.1sYou're not a shoplifter!
1.63sYou're just a fat kid. Huh.
2.12sSorry about that, Fatty Fat Fatty.
1.7sHey, Tom! He's just a fat kid!
2.64sAren't you, Fatty? You're just a big ol' fat kid.
1.17sHere's some chocolate, Fatso.
1.59sHey Brian, flea collars are on sale.
1.53sUh, Too many chemicals.
2.49sThis year I'm gonna try a more natural alternative.
3.03sah! Ah, Ah! Sorry, Dr. Ling. I--I guess I'm nervous.
1.6sThis whole thing is a little weird.
2.17sAh, Never you fear, laddie-buck.
1.63sI've been doing this all me life.
2.3sYou see, the reason your fleas are drawn to ya,
2.77sis your kidney energy is being blocked by a dark chi.
3.95sOr what we call in my country, wee-fung-chow-hu.