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1.12sYou're not fat, Chris.
2.17sYou just come from a long line of husky Griffins.
2.87sLike your great-great-great uncle, Jabba the Griffin.
5.17sRaja nabadua gola wookie nipple pinchie.
1.7sHoney, if you wanna lose weight,
1.33sI'll put you on a diet,
2.07sand your father can help you exercise.
1.53sWhy don't you do what the supermodels do?
1.57sStick your finger down your throat,
1.53sand throw up till you're skinny.
1.6sChris, Don't listen to your sister.
3.52sSticking your finger down your throat doesn't make you throw up.
1.52sPeter, you ok?
2.75sMeatloaf for us, and a very special,
1.07svery delicious,
2.2ssteamed vegetable dish for Chris.
2.54sOh, I hate vegetables.
1.68sHoney, they're good for you.
1.67sIt tastes like a monkey.
2.57sA monkey that's past his prime.
2.39sMmm, This meatloaf is a symphony of flavor.