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1.99sThe turtle will keep you safe.
3.02sOh, For God's sake, I'm to entrust my life to a turtle?
2.07sNature's "D" student?
1.6sOh, This is marvelous!
2.44sI feel like a young Johnny Weissmuller.
1.73sHey, Chris, aren't you coming in?
1.93sUh, Can I swim with my shirt on?
2.42sNo. You can't swim with your shirt on.
2.3sW-Wait a second. What are you hiding under your shirT?
2.05sDo you have bruises? Did somebody hit you?
1.62sLois, what did you do to my son?
2.5sWill you keep your voice down? You're embarrassing him.
3.62sWhat are you talking about? If I wanted to embarrass him, I'd do something like this.
1.07sHey, Hey, everybody!
1.9sHey, Look what Chris Griffin's father,
1.33sPeter Griffin's doing!