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2.2sOld Yeller, did I get a call from Tony?
3.09sOh, yeah. He, uh, He left a message. I forgot to tell you.
1.35sIs it on the machine?
1.58sI erased it.
1.77sAll right, out back.
2.2sNo, Ma. Yeller's my dog.
1.43sI'll do it.
1.95sAw, Come on! He'll call back!
1.4sBrian, are you ok?
1.8sOk? Ha ha! Ok?
2.07sI'm covered in fleas, lady! I'm losing it here!
1.22sGet a hold of yourself!
2sOw! Peter, You're supposed to hit Brian!
2.32sDad, I'm itchy! I'm itchy!
1.83sOut of my way, wide load!
2.2sMom, there's fleas all over the housE!
1.33sThere's only one thing to do,
1.77sLearn the language of the fleas,
1searn their trust,