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2.3sOh, I hate what you've become!
3.12sWhy don't you go back to that doctor and have him suck the fat out of your head?
2.74sMaybe I will! And then I'll put it on my feet,
3sand skate on Paul Bunyan's giant skillet to cook his flapjacks!
1.53sThat doesn't make any sense.
2.8sIt doesn't have to. I'm beautiful!
2.75sYou're not welcome here! Go away!
1.9sWow, Chris. Did you lose weight?
3sUm, Maybe. I've--I've been working out.
3.09sWow, You look wicked skinny. I'm like, jealous.
3.2sThanks, Meg. I'm jealous of your mustache.
2.72sI don't have a mustache, do I?
1.17sOh, honey. It's fine.
1.73sIt makes you look distinguished.
1.02sBut, Mom!
2.94snow, Meg, I think all my children are beautiful.
1.63sDamn you, ice cream.
1.57sCome to my mouth.
2.23sHow dare you disobey me.