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3.75sWell, we--we call you "normies." Ok, 'bye.
1.77sAre you gonna take that?
1.57sWhat? Oh, Brian.
1.7sI waS just, uh, Ah..
2.43sI was seeing if the, uh, driveway...
1.67sThat wasn't even a sentence.
2.2sYou were ogling Peter like a horny schoolgirl.
1.88sOh, I can't help it!
1.4sI know, I know,
2.65sHe's become a superficial egomaniacal jerk,
3.02sbut I've never been more attracted to him.
2.4sOh, Does that make me a bad person?
1.97sYes, Yes it does make you a bad persoN.
1.43sPeter, good to see you.
1.87sCome with me. I've got a lot of tall,
1.92sstatuesque people I want you to meet.
1.18sWhat's that?
1.13sOh, That's my son, Chris.
2.34sHe can't come in. Ha. He's fat.
2.14sWell, Let me tell you something, buddy,
1.4sif my son can't come in,
1.78sthen I'll just come in!
1.12sSee you at home.
1.32sBut, Dad--