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1.87sOh, hardy har har.
2.2sWhat th--What the devil are you doing?
2.57sStop it! Stop it! I'm getting dizzy!
1.57sAhh! Blast!
3.64sPeter, did you paste a new picture of yourself on our wedding portrait?
1.2sYeah. I think it looks better.
1.4sYou pasted it over mE.
1.67sYeah. I think it looks better.
1.47sH-Have you lost your mind?
1.57sWell, Somebody's jealous!
1.72sPeter, Have you forgotten about Chris?
2.13sHe needs you to help him exercise.
2.19sYeah, He finally figured out how to catch the Twinkie.
2.8sHa ha! I'm turning you into poo!
2.25sWell, I'm going down to The Beautiful People's Club.
1.47sguess I can take him with me.
2.97sHell, Seeing us all in one place might give him something to shoot for.
2.79sThe Beautiful People's Club? H-how come I never heard of that?
1.52sLois, i--I can't say anymore.
3.14sI--I'm probably already in trouble for mentioning it to a, uh...
3.75sWell, we--we call you "normies." Ok, 'bye.