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2.42sThat's awful. Awful entertaining.
3.1sOh, my stomach hurts.
3.65sHey, it's Krusty. I need you to get me out of another jam.
4.29sI picked up this chick last night. At least I thought she was a chick.
2.92sShowbiz is so fascinating.
3.7sMom, I don't feel so good.
2.97sWhat is it, honey? My tummy really hurts.
3.99sSomebody wants Mommy to change baby's diaper!
2.22sIs that somebody you, Homer?
1.63sYes, it is!
0.57sOkay, then you can take Lisa to Dr. Hibbert's.
4.75sMaybe on the way back, we can swing by the demolition derby and have a nice talk.
2.2sSounds great.
4.14sLisa, I'm afraid your tummy ache may be caused by stress.