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2.62sDad, don't you remember? It's our special Saturday.
4.07sYou agreed to spend one Saturday a month doing something with the kids.
3.4sOh, quit complaining. It's half the work of a divorced dad.
3.17sYeah, but it's twice as much as a deadbeat dad.
2.57sThey know I'm kidding.
2.3sOkay, Bart, it's your turn to pick.
4.14sWhere are we headed? Bowling? Demolition derby? P.J. O'Harrigan's?
2.52sIsn't that a funny name? Huh? Huh?
3sHysterical. But I traded my turn to Lisa for her dessert.
0.42sOh! We did a Lisa thing last month!
2sAnd I'm glad we did.
3sBut now I think we should do something normal people would like.
2.69sWhy do you assume that I won't pick something fun?
1.82sLet's see.
2.17sOh, this looks very educational. Oh!
3.24s- Well, this could be quite enlightening. - Ohh!
2.2s- Fine, how about-- - Ohh!