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1.97sOh, my God! I've gone back in time!
2.17sI've got to warn everybody about Hitler!
2.14sAnd get to the ice-cream store!
2sHey, Homer, what's all the hubbub?
2.3sLet me guess. You travel back in time again?
2.33sShut up! You haven't even been born yet!
2.23sEasy, Homer. I'll bring you back.
2sSafety dance Ohh!
2.84sOh, boy, am I glad to see you guys.
1.73sThat was Men Without Hats.
3sOr as they're known today, Men Without jobs.
2sDon't go there, Marty! I'm not goin' anywhere.
3sI'm staying right here at P.J. O'Harrigan's.
2.3sWe're broadcasting live from P.J. O'H.'s,
3sand this place makes Animal House look like Terms of Endearment.
3.64sWe're kicking off our 35th consecutive happy hour with no end in sight.
2.27sSo come on down.
2.03sYeah, that sounds like a swingin' shindig.
2.54sYeah, too bad we gotta work, huh, Homer?